the web3 garden

we aim to use the decentralized internet as a tool for positive change


We work with web3 technologies such as Dat, Substrate, and Polkadot.


Sunshine is a fund coordination DAO built on substrate. It inherits Substrate's modularity and leverages on-chain runtime upgrades for dynamic governance.


Beeper is a fully functional p2p encrypted web chat built with Dat. It is a proof of concept of permissions-based applications.

Chain Validator

Our chain validator is running a full node and staking on Kusama. We perform validating on Polkadot, Cosmos, and Nucypher.

Design Philosophy

We focus on making entirely sustainable, ethical online systems. Our methodologies center around principles of human-centered design and socially-positive technological innovation.


We are a team of designers and developers who are motivated to use the power of web3 technologies to create systems and products for equitable online society.

Polkadot Partners

Supported by:
Web3 Foundation